Aircall Everywhere SDK

Building an integration with Aircall &
want your customers to make calls directly from it?
Aircall Everywhere lets you embed the Phone app
inside your website in a few small steps!


You just have to add this repository in your project, and then import the library in your code.

Check the following demo on how to use this library!

npm install -s aircall-everywhere

import AircallPhone from 'aircall-everywhere'

Load Aircall Phone

Informations about the Agent logged in are retrieved on load.

Click on the button to load the Aircall Phone. You will then be able to toggle it via the phone icon in the header of this page.

Detailed specifications of the AircallPhone construction are available on our GitHub repository.

// user informations
Phone is not loaded or logged in.
const phone = new AircallPhone({
  domToLoadPhone: '#phone',
  onLogin: settings => {
    // ...
  onLogout: () => {
    // ...

Call lifecycle events

There are multiple events happening during the lifecycle of a phone call. Try making an outbound or inbound call to see what happens!

The list of all available events is documented on our Github repo.

Waiting for events...

Not in a call
phone.on('incoming_call', callInfos => {
  // ...

phone.on('call_end_ringtone', callInfos => {
  // ...

phone.on('call_ended', callInfos => {
  // ...

phone.on('comment_saved', callInfos => {
  // ...

phone.on('outgoing_call', callInfos => {
  // ...

phone.on('outgoing_answered', callInfos => {
  // ...

Events to the phone

You can send events to get information or perform actions.

Make sure the phone is loaded before sending events to it!

// isLoggedIn result
// dial_number result
Waiting events to be sent...
phone.isLoggedIn(response => {
  // ...

const payload = {
  phone_number: '+33123456789'

  (success, data) => {
    // ...

Do you need more info? Read our documentation on GitHub. The source code of this demo page is also available here.

console.log('Have fun!');